RIP Pat Fairley Or no more Sunny Tea..

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The Scotland Yard Pub and Dancing John. That is my Oreo Pint ~Guinness and Orange juice… no more…

It is a time to look at what came before us, what has passed but still lingers in our hearts…. a door was opened today… I will try not to overdo it… but here is the place where we share what is important to us and what makes us as unique as our fingerprints… A little more about the Scotland Yard Pub in Canoga Park, Ca. and punk rock and the continuity of music.

Many nights of live music at the local pub, The Scotland Yard Pub …. .’It was a great homogeneous experience at the Scotland Yard Pub like pud. A bunch of people mixed together with suds, music and fun. Delicious !’

Yes I said delicious like pudding.

I have more posts that I will continue to put up here… yet I am grieving a friend and a place…. As many of us are currently lighting candles for loved ones who have passed on.

Flipside Reunion at the ‘Yard

Picture by Bob Cantu

Steve Human (RIP) and Tony Malone at THE SCOTLAND YARD PUB at Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine reunion . 2009 around there…

White Flag Down at The Scotland Yard In Canoga Park

Saturday slide back and smile…

This is the Praying Mantis theme song.


Seeing them live was awesome…. right next door to the Scotland Yard , Cobalt Cafe (RIP) …

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