May the best man win!!

001 Dancing John Boxing or is he dancing?

The Wild Card in Hollywood is  not far from Sunset. Here is where Freddie Roaches’ Gym is located. Dancing John use to work out there. For “five buck” he got a hell of a work out. Then he started taking our oldest son.

Being a power trainer of Manny Pacquiao does not blow up Freddie’s head. I think it is rare to find true integrity like Freddie’s… in Hollywood especially! A nice guy with a low-key gym!!

I had a great conversation while shopping at Good & Final in Canoga Park this morning. I thought the place was going to be crowed before the fight. It wasn’t.  The check-out lady started to talk about boxing. She was a 5 feet tall. Looking up at me with her dark hair and dark sparkling eyes she said,

“So who do you think is going to win? Pacquio or Mayweather?”

“I think Mayweather is going to win but I prefer it were Pacquio!!”

Yesterday, at Middle-School, youngest son told me that the kids at school are already making 5 dollar bets.

I think the whole media title-wave sickness focused on this event in “Lost Vegas” is fucking decadent. Like too much chocolate cake or fried chicken with beer. Yet… it is a good decadent. This boxing event is bringing people together from all walks of life. Yes we are going to watch it at home.

May the best man win!!

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