Three extraordinary times in my life.

Tonight, as I walked around the block, I thought upon three extraordinary times in my life.

I try and walk a mile each night while watching Jupiter, Saturn, and a very bright Venus. I think upon good justice, laws, and love & beauty.

Tonight, I wanted to run away to a time of the streets of Hollywood. I was a young punk who could be found running through parking lots and record stores. Moving strangely and excitedly through clubs and into cars for wild rides. Light and signs above me and loud music filled me. New friends and bright colors. A thrill and wonder beyond explanation.

Then there was when I was a probationer at the Rosicrucian Fellowship. The time of the new moon healing when I entered the living temple on the campus found at Oceanside California. The temple is like the Griffith Observatory. Just as you enter you look up to see the round astrological zodiac. The 12 signs. In the Rosicrucian Temple you can look up and see the full zodiac too. With Leo the Lion in front of the temple podium. Each probationer is asked to sit in their sun sign. An organ played loudly as a barefoot maiden played the healing music. We read the words and sang the songs. I have since never viewed such beauty or felt filled with a inner nimbus of healing energy.

A Leo lion horoscope astrology zodiac sign icon

The last is running the hills at night with my friends, we were all about 14 years old. We flew with the wild and sat upon old rocks high in the hills over streets below. Howling at the moon, I swear I saw a young Artemis with bow and arrow whisk by us. Glorious friendships of wonder.

Ancient Greek goddess Artemis with a bow and arrows is in the tunic. Drawing isolated on white background.

I miss my varied friends of the streets, holy places and wild hills and the freedom that youth often brings. Oh, how I wish to be at those places now as I walk under a dark sky of a Scorpion new moon.