New Perks … Bubblegum Flopside Comics

Queens Rule The World, Punks In Space and Punk Drummers Whose Heads Exploded with a Big Loud Bang… Flopside Bubble Gum Comics

When I was a kid and things got too much to bear. I was often found in the boy’s room under the pool table reading Mad Magazine or Playboy editorials. Gahan Wilson was a great way to cosmically melt into the realm of humor. We are living through “too much to bear” times now.

I am bringing back my Flopside Comics if you haven’t noticed already. Mr. Fuck has been joining the racoons outside at night for free food. I laugh out loud at his eager face.

“Come on Hudley, lets laugh together?” He speaks as he scratches the window like the humor up my spine.

I will not define humor or who, what or why Mad Magazine did what it did? I loved the off-the/wall humor of Gahan Wilson. It turns me on and as any good or bad artist knows, it is how it makes us feel that matters. Humor attacks stress. Annihilating it from the face of this messed up planet.

So, I begin with an older Bubble Gum Comic. 

“The Headless Rollins”