Data cap and drifting

AT&T have been data capping us for the last week. Between youngest son’s finals and my small business, with ongoing projects, time is slowed down! No internet connections. New arrangements are being made. New internet and TV services are in process!

My second time going to Target during this long pandemic because a phone line comes with the new service. I found only two for sale.

I told the young salesman at Target that I was looking for an old time phone with a Rotary Dial, he said,

“This is the only old time phones now a days.”

Black, slick and rather fancy land line electronic modem I thought.

Yet He held up exclamation hands as I laughed out loud. I thought he would think me strange but instead smiled along!

Walking away I saw the small record highlights section in the store. The Go Go’s above Credence Clearwater Revival. I felt a dark kick in my belly. Well that about does it.

I sure am drifting in this place of extra extra over indulgent mass media …

At home I put the laundry in the wash. Moving slowly I went outside to cool my feet in the pool. Feeling blue and contrary … then a sparkling tiny clear exoskeleton caught my eye. On top of the water like a feather. A special sight.

Praying mantis is growing in my garden shedding exoskeletons. With one are thousands … and one glorious holy skin randomly drifted my way !? Now that is the good news my heart craves!


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