Oktoberfest is on the horizon…

SD / Tannhauser Gate

I promised that I would atone now for a week until the autumnal equinox. This is the time of Tannhauser. What I share here is not from me but an offering to the mighty mysteries of life.

“I directed my eyes as was her pleasure,

And saw one hundred little spheres, which from their

Mutual rays were fairer still together.

I stood like one who stifles in himself

The sharp thrust of desire and does not dare

To ask, for fear he might be asking too much.

And the largest and most luminous

Of those pearls came forward to satisfy

My curiosity concerning it.”

XXII Paradiso Pg. 86

The Divine Comedy by Dante

Dedicated to Humulus lupulus the mighty holy plant of the earth and she is anything but evil..!!!


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