TO learn the art of good story telling !!

Are you comfortable in front of people, or does the idea of public speaking make you want to hide in the bathroom? Why?

My edited version…

Am I comfortable in front of people, or does the idea of speaking in front of people, on this stage called life, want to make me hide in the bathroom.. Why? 

My two-bits…

“In teaching your child, do not forget that suffering is good too. It makes a person rich in character.”

― Betty SmithA Tree Grows in Brooklyn

There is a difference between public speaking and speaking socially. One gets to prepare for public speaking. One has an outline to work with or maybe a paper to read from.

All actors memorize their speaking parts. While performing in a band one knows what is up and there is always room for a little improvisation.  

Jazz has a beat and ongoing knowledge of its musical language amongst its totally pure improvisation.  This all can be scary fun stuff. Some people are so good at public speaking. It takes charisma and extroverted gifts to be a great publish speaker or performer.

Public speaking does not make me feel uncomfortable. If I am well prepared and know my stuff. Social speaking is where I am uncomfortable. As a receptive thinker I go deep in myself and digest the environment around me.

I am too afraid to even get up and go hide in the bathroom !!

Reading, writing, creating and thinking this is my domain.,

dancing with the muses,

rolling in the depth of my soul,

coming up for breath,

always leaves me tongue-tied.  

I think to myself,

“There are so many ways to respond to that question.  Let me scribble down some answers and get back to you on that.”

I like public speaking but hate the question and answer period that follows most PowerPoint presentation. This is the time I may want to run and go hide at the local pub.  I suggest a couple of pints is where you may find me a little more agreeable, social and friendly.

I would love to learn the art of good story telling though!! I love listening to stories. It always warms my heart.

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