It is frankly no one’s business but her own


The Honorable Amy Coney Barrett

The Supreme Court of the United States

One First Street N.E.

Washington, D.C. 20543

Dear Amy Coney Barrett,

“Love is a chain of love as nature is a chain of life.”

Truman Capote

As a mature woman of 64. I have watched and experienced the lovely civil and women rights movements grow and flourish upon our land. It was never easy. Protests for a movement must be loud and strong to be heard. I am asking that you let Roe Vs. Wade be untouched.

As a religious studies major, I have witnessed that diversity holds this country profoundly tighter together. We are diverse cultures of the wealthy, middle class, and the poor. Faith is beautiful to behold but not when it enforces laws on “we the people” or “we the women,” it then becomes an unjust distortion.

Conservatism and liberalism are a battle going on in this country, neither should take away from a right of a woman to choose for herself. A woman’s healthcare needs to be stamped with private. Whatever a woman does is between her and her doctors. We need the best healthcare and more Planned Parenthood clinics. We need more compassion and less restrictions enforced by the Supreme court.

In my life I have had two abortions, two miscarriages and have given birth to two healthy boys. At 18 I was group raped so I had the freedom to have an abortion. Later I was not ready to raise a child on my own and at two weeks had another abortion. After I was older and married, I had two painful miscarriages that broke up my first marriage. At 31 I married again and now have two bright boys ages 21 and 30. One is studding Geophysics, and the other is working as a software engineer. My husband is a respiratory therapist who has been at the heart of the COVID19 pandemic. He has saved more newborn life than most. Life is precious.

Luckily, I had a Planned Parenthood clinic to go to for both abortions and the government to help me with my first birth. For the last twenty years life has improved and now we have full medical insurance coverage available, as my second birth was so guided.

As my narrative shares it is clear that youth, rape, and poverty are the highest percentages for abortion cases currently.

I hope you will do all that you can to see that this is real. If you lived during the 1950s through the 1970s you must see that we cannot go back to how it was but must continue to move forward supporting a woman’s right to choose.

Don’t shame yourself or this country by looking down upon any woman who may have to make this very difficult decision to have an abortion… it is between her God, her faith, her doctors, and herself. It is frankly no one’s business but her own. Unless she shares it and I have here because there is nothing to be shameful of.

Thank You,

We all now how this turned out… and none of ‘The Honorables wrote back…. 3/21/2023… I hope that we all can encourage those who vote in the future to only vote for politicians and judges that support a woman’s right to choose.