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Tape One 05/24/84

Host Hudley FLipside

Interview with Nick Adams form MIA.

On track two of this tape is a revealing talk about Creative Anarchists of America and having a music festival, a very prophetic time for things to come, music wise. Yes, it did not take off in the ’80s. So, the story goes. The seeds were planted, and this may be the goal of any anarchist or counterculture individual. (It turned out to be a bad deal in the scheme of things too. Yet this is the history of punk and what was happening at the time. Maybe I’ll share about it sometime. Also tape one and tape 13 got mixed up but I got it all Hunky Dory now. I am just following it through no matter the cost. ~Hudley 10/1/2022)

The 90s grew a few musical sprouts…yup, The Burning Man and Coachella are the mass appeal of something that once started out as a rebellious dream by a handful of nobody punks!! So, the profits go. Believe me I am laughing the loudest!!

Enjoy the tape. Some great bands.

We all were so spoiled back in the day. This is it a type of emotional, punk rock, 1984, found tape, closure for me. It feels good for me, feels really good.

Remember make a music love punk history donation. BE MORE THAN A WITNESS!!

Be more than a ”puer aeternus.”

Overkill on ZoundZ. Sorry but that is how it was… new, rebellious and it meant something.

Thanks for listening.

Tape One 05/24/84 Track ONE

Tape One 05/24/84 Track Two