In fields of wonder

As a youngster I often would be the wild cougar running up the tree or as I jumped over a hill. Crying at night as I thought of the loss of wild things. The big cats I loved. Having the same heart and feeling a relationship with nature and humans is a hard path to balance. I have no answers and share wonderful memories with the wild.

Riding through the Santa Monica mountains on my white mustang I saw things and heard things that I cannot name. I feel them still. Sometimes late at night I still hear that wild call from the mountains. I see it in my wild Prometheus fennel from those very same mountains.

Owls, coyotes, hawks, raccoons, opossums and ravens visit and call me to relationship, and this is real to me. I think upon cougar and think upon all of us that loved this wild creature now with ancestors sharing stories and balancing closely in fields of wonder.