JUNE 16, 2023

Punk COLLEAGUE, historian & Professional Consultant

Hudley Flipside

MIA is a Flipside Records Band too! After the Fact (LP, 1987, Flipside Records) and Flipside Vinyl Fanzine Vol. 2 (1985) includes “Just A Dream” 😸

I am not a fanatic who goes to all the shows like I once did. I stay a foot online watching the vast array of shows and festivals that explode especially this time of the year. I am in recovery and could not even go to one right now. I do get some level of enjoyment viewing posts and pictures. I am not very ‘love- lost’ as I think I would have been in the 1980s.

Like when The Specials played at the Whisky A GO G0 where earlier I did follow their tour and interviewed them. It seems they got so big that we couldn’t get on the list or in the show. I cried like a baby outside, yet we found another show to go to that night.

I felt an obligation to attend my favorite bands.

Also, it was a tight scene back then, the bands and the fans had a tight connection. I will not go into the symbiotic relationship we all had once…those days are long gone.

This Friday the 16th has been a blur in my eye. I know I was invited to two shows and smaller venues in the middle of June. Then it came to a clear view today. Someone reminded me of the date and then it became clear.

I can’t think of the last time I was stared down and asked to be on a guest list, or two for that matter, but on the same day, that is just happy weird. I admit I was once very spoiled! Free shows, records galore endlessly!

Just what I needed to raise my spirits which have been low due to recovering from melanoma cancer surgery. Yet as an old’ punker band gal I am very thrilled to feel this need again, like I felt back in the day.

That value we all shared. Those that did things for a punk scene and all kinds of bands in general. Promoting and sharing in friendship that still endures after all these years.

Even though I can’t go to either I am feeling my good oats today. I like how so many generations of bands are crossing over and playing. It is wild. A real musical smorgasbord. Thanks to Flipside Fanzine, a fanzine that made its mark in the scheme of things. I am lucky for that rag.

Montclair is a city in the Pomona Valley

The Canyon Club

Pure Prairie League

Opening Sets by Chris Timbers & Eileen Carey

Thanks, Joey Alkes, for inviting me.

Corbin Bowl

M.I.A. (LV/OC punk), Roman’s Weirdos, Public Nuisance, The Mormons

19616 Ventura Boulevard Tarzana, CA, 91356

Thanks, Nick Adams, for inviting me.


Amie” is a song by the American country rock group Pure Prairie League. The song initially appeared on the band’s 1972 album, Bustin’ Out. It was subsequently released as a single in 1975, after it gained popularity as an album cut.

I was young and this song hit me as i moved from middle school to high school. Always was a song of movement to me and about all those guys along the way (lots of them). Yet now it is a dancing in my square room song. So good.

1984 Punk anthem songs..

How many times did I go to see MIA play these songs live… well bunches of times pure bliss.