Bitchin’ drive over Box Canyon this morning in my car.

Today my youngest son decided to take a state AP Calculus test. It was in Simi Valley. So, I took the old Santa Susana Pass home. Then the wild and mysterious Box Canyon as well.

The magic is still there too. One thing I can still count on in this fucking strange life. As I reached the high point of Box Canyon, I saw the pig with red eyes and then the 1979 Gary Numan song Cars came on the car radio.

A moment of wow. My little green Fiat then turned into a magical ride down a roller coaster.

Turns and downs like never before with the words of Gary Numan singing to us. My little Fiat was a jewel as we rode through the nimbus foggy clouds always hanging round this place.

What a bitchin’ roller coaster ride it was this morning.

The song is all about those times when wild music seemed to fill the airwaves and my jerky head. 1979 was an incredibly good year for this fresh new music. Also, years later, the song was on my oldest son’s first play-station game. One of the first PS games he mastered is Test Drive. What a great song. Takes me on a car ride of good memories and today I have a new one. Perfection! We can be.