Palomar Observatory

Due North from the observatory…the little blue circular something in the Forrest

These images define our journey to find the Elf that talked to Hale! The one that inspired a great mind as Hale’s to ask The Rockefeller Foundation to fund his telescopes! We did not find the Elf, instead we traveled up a holy holy mountain that applies modern scientific technology to study the cosmos!

We took the tour of the Palomar Observatory, had a feast under some redwoods and I did spy a rather odd circular spot due north from the observatory!  It seemed, to me, to be very mysterious !! Maybe it was spying on us?


Lovely hearth

Elf by the hearth By Hudley

It was a cold winter’s night, like this one, when I heard a soft knock on the door. I was alone. I did not see my kitty Dudea around. When she gets outside she makes a similar sound on the front door when she wants in.

“Ok Dudea, just a minute!”

I got off the couch from the warmth of the fire while reading a book and listening to some Jazz. Yes my blissful moment was interrupted. I opened the door. I looked around and I did not see my kitty,

“Hello, it is very cold tonight. The rain is coming down. I only have this scarf to keep me warm. I smelled the fire smoke from you home. Would you mind if I stood in front of your fire to warm up?”

I blinked and then blinked again.


He came in the house with a push of the wind and the smell of the earth came in with him.

“Oh what a lovely hearth you have my dear!”

“Thank you!”

The elf then became very still and quite. He has been with us for about five years now. I do not bother him. I only touch him to clean him. I have heard that the “little-folk” come and go and sometimes stay. Their time frame is much different then ours.

This evening is much like the one five years ago when our little elf came to rest; by the fire, by our hearth.