Candy Hearts of PuNk lOvE

Candy Hearts of PuNk lOvE

The good thing about self-publishing is that one can always add to or take away from their work. As any artist their work is never complete. There is always the critical eye. Nothing is ever perfect but just something that is in shape and communicable. To inspire by imagination or invitation to a story is my way of spreading my memories! A heart for PUnk RoCk

What is new to My PUNK@LULLABY` Journal one through four?

A beginning inserts. As I was organizing looking through stuff for certain items, I always find other things. I put together a few of the old backstage passes I still have! Some of the inserts will be green and some will be purple. For those that have gotten to know me these are the colors I work with. Green and purple or my Seminary of Praying Mantis complementary colors.

I will share a few candy punk love words and will also be selling my journals one through four this coming Sunday July 30 at Soap Plant Wacko from 2PM to 6PM. A book reading and celebration of Terry James Graham, Punk Like Me!   I think it will be fun times cause there’s lots going on in Los Angeles on Hollywood Blvd. What a treat!

Update…. Journal One through Four are now published as a whole paperback book.

We Got Power Power !

(September 2012 article )

We Got Power We Survived The Pit

We went to this event in Santa Monica to support Dave Markey & Jordan Schwartz. I brought my family, and they had some fun. We parked a couple of miles away and walked into the Track 16 Gallery. It was good to see some friends from the day and say hello. Ed Culver told me a quick story about a praying mantis that rode on the back of his tortoise. The waffle sandwich from the food truck was OK and White Flag and The Last were good. Though my oldest son studied the guitarists and my youngest studied the drummers this evening, they were not into the full evening of bands, so we took our long trek home back to the San Fernando Valley. I am glad we touched bases here tonight. Congratulation comrades!! The book is out now “WE GOT POWER! Hardcore Punk Scenes ~ 1980s and beyond, based in good old Southern California.