Mom’s potato salad

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I grew up with Potato salad as a Hudson family tradition. Brother Gus said that he is gong to publish a cook book. He is asking his independent siblings to write about our favorite recipes that we grew up with. Ones that our mother used. It is spring I am spring cleaning. This includes the garage, books and my computer files. I ran across some images for a preparation for my mom’s potato salad.  I must admit I do not make this up much anymore because I do not partake of mayonnaise as much. I know you can use the healthy home-made stuff, but quite frankly, it will not taste as good. Potaotes saldReal Food mayonnaise is the motivator for this salad.  Mom made this salad on holidays; Easter and Fourth of July mostly. Mom collected recipes.  When she used them she was very exacting about following the recipe. Improvised cooking was a matter of taste and seasoning for her and this was her gift. I respect her for this. I do this as well.this is itYet, with this recipe I do not have to look at a recipe. I think this is what my mom and I had issues over. She was a control freak in the kitchen. I sometimes wondered if I could cut a strawberry correctly. Dad did not like us kids in the kitchen either.  Surprise surprise, regardless, all five of us are excellent cooks. the green stuff


A large heavy armful of potatoes.

Salt and  Pepper

Apple cider vinegar

Real Food mayonnaise

French’s Mustard

Little sugar to taste

Green onions



Take the skin of the potato the usual way. Cut them up and throw them in a  pot to boil . When they are soft strain them over the sink and let them cool.

Cut up some green onions, radishes and celery. I really don’t care how big or how small you cut these vegetable. I will leave this up to you. I prefer rather small so I get a bite of it all in each bite. Put it aside in a small bowl if you like.

The magic of this recipe is the dressing. If you don’t have a good taster your salad will suck. Mom had the best taster and nose for smelling in the world. I think if she did this for a real profession instead of just being a mom she would have been a billionaire. I am glad she preferred just being a mom.  We always had delicious food on the table or Dad would let us know, in a very obnoxiously loud manner.

Combine the salt and pepper, apple cider vinegar, Real Food mayonnaise, French’s mustard and a little sugar to taste in a medium-sized bowl. Use enough to match the amount of potatoes you had in your large heavy armful.  You have to make sure that it will over saturate the potatoes other wise the salad will suck. The potatoes will absorb a lot so please don’t under dress your potatoes. Get a big wonderful fun bowl and mix all of the ingredients together. Taste until your full and then you must let it sit for at least 4 to 5 hours in the refrigerator for the real magic to happen. Take the salad out and taste and smell again and add any extra seasoning that turns ya on I don’t care. When you get it right you will know it because the angels will sing… like they do for me. I guarantee you, that you will have a great Hudson family potato salad to add to your table.

Good luck !!!


Mom’s Rose

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