Girly Girl that grey puss

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Girly Girl was a thin and unassuming pussy willow. Born to a  black Persian kitty, she was born when times were uncertain but endearing.  I was separated from my man and my first baby was still in my arms. Girly Girl was a comfort to us and to her mama’s next litter. She would cuddle with her baby brother and sister kittens when mama was away.

Not to mention the time that passed moving from my parent’s home, to an apartment and then to our own home; Girly Girl was always with us.

In the apartment Girly Girl use to rest on my belly, every night; until it grew, until the new baby came.

In our new home I set up a little table of my spirituality; a candle and some flowers and maybe a book of inspiration, a special place for me to relax, rest and reflect. Life was very busy then and Girly Girl was independent outside the house as well as in the house. I did not always give her time like I once did.  Now that life had become so busy with a new house and baby.

Before she passed away she came into the house unassumingly. We found her peaceful under my special table. It seems like she was just taking a nap. We buried Girly Girl in the back yard.

Now Football the ”love kitty'” sleeps over her grave some 11 years later. Wild leaves, cypress tree needles, grass and vines gracefully snow on her resting place.

Seeing Football resting there made me remember Girly Girl today: that grey puss that unassuming pussy willow!!

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