Soap Box # 2… Cellphone love bug

“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

-Martin Luther King, Jr. 

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There she was driving down Topanga Blvd in the fog. The traffic was crazy heavy and car lights were on. I watched as she looked up every few seconds and looked down for more than a few seconds. On general she was spending more time looking down then up, while driving in the fog in crazy heavy traffic.

 I thought all the time, when driving, that if I had not been looking up, a mere second, I might have had a major accident. Driving in the fog in Californian is a fucking rare thing…. I mean as rare as roast beef with red juices flowing!!

 I was digging her V.W. Bug too… it was purple, and her long dark hair was trimmed at the end with the same color as her car. How cool is that!? I want a black V.W. Bug with purple anarchy flowers and two green praying mantises, and I will do my hair black, purple, and green. One thing I will never do is text and drive. It is the stupidest thing I see people doing these days.

It pisses me off. Not only is she risking her life, and the life of everyone around her; including cats, dogs, possums, raccoons, goats, and little children with balls, that impressive V.W. of hers will be smashed up. I honked at her. She looked over and I said,

 “Don’t text and drive honey!


She said smiling. “I said don’t text and drive,” as I took my finger and rolled it around my ear…the crazy sign.

 She got the picture ’cause she reacted with a roll-eye and a little jerk. I woke her up for a bright brief second as she cruised; texting and looking downwards at a horse powered machine weighing some 1900 lbs. I fucking hope so!!

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