All about a song , I don’t remember what day it was…

Dancing in the super market aisle , if only in my heart, how resilient is mine! Flashbacks to youthful walks going everywhere barefoot: markets, hills and asphalt. Tan faces and arms as we walked on our long walks around town. Certain songs from the 60s and 70s strike that chord of crushes on boys and hopeful futures ordained by Lynn’s Ouija Board! Over the last 30 years the movement of life has taken me to some multidimensional places.  I am not on the fast track anymore and the only thing I promote is my family and myself. At times it breaks my heart open! Yet today in the supermarket I was back at that youthful place of crushes on boys and a hopeful future. How resilient is my heart. A song can do it…. it did for me ! One silly song bringing back all those good feelings like a beautiful bouquet of flowers. I was clean, fresh and my heart was as healthy as a school girls!!

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