Medusa, she really ain’t no monster!!

Gorgon / Medusa figure, on a pot from the Aegean Island of Melos (4). CA. 1500 BCE. British Museum , London . ( Gimbutus 1989, p. 208, fig. 328) (3)

The Perseus story was invented to account for the appearance of Medusa’s face on Athene’s Aegis (1), inherited from the pre-Hellenic period when Athene was actually the same Goddess (also mythologized as Metis, her alleged “mother”). The Athenians pretended their municipal Goddess was the “wisdom” of Zeus, born from the head.

But older myths said Athene was born of the Tree Queens of Libya-that is, the Trippe Goddess, of who Metis-Medusa was the Destroyer aspect. A female face surrounded by serpent-hair was an ancient, widely recognized symbol of divine female wisdom, and equally of the “wise blood” that supposedly gave women divine powers. (2)

It amazed me how it does not take much digging to find the roots of things. Like how often Christianity or our patriarchal cultures cover over many beautiful myths and stories. I reach deep for these truths within and without, and all is amplified as a gift. Being a Gorgon monster is OK by me…I am in my element! Looks like I can do with a new tattoo?? Metamorphosis monster!!


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(3) Winifred Milius Lubell, The Metamorphosis of Baubo