Book Reading of The Day Randomly, Every Sunday !!

Random Book Day By Hudley
Random Book Day By Hudley

Sunday hot Sunday is here. Too hot to handle and no fun at all so Mantis looked over to the nearest book on the nearest shelf. One that holds a few Rock & Roll numbers if only indirectly. A Gofuckyerself Press paperback book called MOSQUITOES & WHISKY by Chris Walter  tumbled into the green claws. <Made In Canada> ;P

“More wine glasses!” shouted a waiter. He was very upset with the way I wasn’t doing things. Why didn’t he cut me some slack?

I shoved a large rack of wineglasses into the hungry maw of the industrial dishwasher. “Two minutes!” I hollered over the horrific din of the kitchen.

“We need more serving platters, too!” yelled the waiter. Perhaps he thought I was a magician. Without waiting for the glasses, he spun on one heel and stormed back out to the dining room. Another guy who needed some café a la urine. Pg. 123


Read the Trilogy:

Mosquitoes & Whisky

I Was a Punk Before You Were a Punk

I’m On the Guest List

Author: Hudley Flipside

Welcome to Hudley Flipside’s “The Seminary Of Praying Mantis Publishing.” Praying mantis shows me her story of life, death, and rebirth. For me she is an image or symbol of the divine in all things. I watch the praying mantis in my garden and have taken her image as my logo. She is an amazing little creature, and I relate to her connection to nature. We are both wild and part of this strange world. She is a part of my mythology as I am part of hers.

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