Rest in skate heaven

Turning 65 is all about going to visit the chiropractor. It was the pogoing or the slam pit that done me in.

Sitting in the coffee joint and listening to the retired men talk about how they read the obituary section every day made my dancing john and I laugh. It isn’t funny when it is a comrade from days long gone by.

Like Julie of Sin 34.

I remember asking her once a question when we first met. She was the talk of the town. She was bright, a girl skater and was a singer of a punk rock band.

“So, you skateboard?”  I asked her.

“Ha Ha Ha… do I skateboard, yes on a board, but I think you mean do I skate!”

Two generations merging in a scene where terms changed fast. It was never easy confronting and talking to punks.

Julie laughed loud and held her own in a scene that had some tough competition.

Boys everywhere.

I captured her voice in a little article called Feminine Influences we published in Los Angeles Flipside issue 39.

Our six-year anniversary issue.

Rest in skate heaven. Julie!!

Feminine Influences Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine # 39 Aug/83

edited 4/6/23