KFXM 98.3 “Ain’t No Square” ….

Had a bit of a twilight zone experience today. My antennae is up and caught a new channel I never heard before on the car radio. It comes in weak, but I got it on two different cars.

Rock & Roll 50s or oldies music. Was I~ 8, 10 or 17? Music my generation grew up listening too.

We only had a few radio channels, but the music was the best then.

When I was a teenager we were into 50s nostalgia.

We cruised Van Nuys BLVD and thought we were in the 70s.

It was safe, and the music was loud, and it was wild and fun!

Today I ate a large ice-cream cone. The first in years. Reminds me of the long walks with friends to Thrifty’s to get a three-scope ice-cream cone.

Cost us pennies. Walking, riding on our metal wheel skate boards.

Is what we called it back then.

As free as the wind.