The Special Fluff Faerie Published by The Seminary of Praying Mantis Publishing

It is a strange little story, yet most Faerie Stories are strange little stories. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is special to me. They give me the opportunity to publish my works for free without a middle man.  I am in the process of publishing many of my works. I guess I just had to wait until the time was ripe. It is very ripe indeed!!

The Special Fluff Faerie was written thirty something years ago. My young niece had just come into the world. I was inspired by her sweetness and was feeling the desire to create something special for her. Also, the question of life, death and rebirth were heavy on my mind during my early twenties. Belief in Faerie Tales and Folktales were a part of my life.

The ability to create something out of the magic of my imagination was a new developing confidence I was exploring. I think it is easy to see that this little story is about life’s mysteries. It is about belonging, responsibilities, hope and sweet possibilities in life. That life has meaning!

My sister told me that her daughter didn’t get or understand the story. A few years later they sent the story back to me. I had made a little handmade story book for my niece with the Special Fluff Faerie in it. I have held on to the story book for all these years. I was hurt that my niece never seemed to grasp the value of it.

Tossing it aside like she did. She most likely grew up, went to college, and moved out without a thought about the story.

I am re-priming The Special Fluff Faerie now because I feel overlooking it and throwing it away is not what would be the best thing for my psyche. It holds value for me.

So, for due respect to Eagle of the East, Spring, and the Native American Medicine Wheel ~ I dedicated this book. I will again publish this little story. I hope it will be enjoyed by others, be it adults or youths.

Original Image from a long time ago available now at Amazon with a click on the image.