I was pulling out the truck to pull in the trash barrels. I was very surprised to hear X on the radio. Especially on 93.1 Jack FM. This radio channel is usually very repetitious with their music.

The last time I saw X live was at the 30-year Golden Voice show.

Recently I have sadly been hearing about Exene Cervenka “Christine Notmyrealname,” in conspiracies as a Trumpian. Yet there has always been a hair of this type of thinking moving through this controversially surviving band.

When I saw them at the Golden Voice celebration, I knew every song by heart. That surprised me and my body went a bit out of control too. The young punk chicks looked so pretty and cool around me. Yet they were giving me a look, as if thinking,

“Who is that old fool?”

I didn’t care and was thinking back at them,

“Just old, like X , and a fan of their music…homies.”

The contraries of life are all around us… and it is perplexing at times.

“she had to leave
los angeles
all her toys wore out in black
and her boys had too
she started to hate every nigger and jew
every mexican that gave her lotta shit
every homosexual and the idle rich”

X – Los Angeles Lyrics

Interview with X issue Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine 10 1979 Interviewed by Al and X-8

Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine # 54 The Ten Year Anniversary Issue. (replica)