Ophiuchus in mythological stories is the serpent healer. An ancient and archaic image of wisdom and knowledge. Associated with Hermes Transmigrates. A time of great healing is possible. A time of Orbs in the sky and saviors being born. The shadow shows its face and the ancient battle of light and darkness continues outside of us and within us.

A hodgepodge of posts that amount to something currently. We are now approaching in the time of the 13th constellation. Ophiuchus. Also close to Saturn and Jupiter in 0 degrees Aquarius. Today a new moon and a total solar eclipse is an inward reflective time for planting seeds of inspiration and new hopes. Yet Saturn and Jupiter hanging together shall not exclude Pluto. For the three of them have had a good old time influencing us with their distinct style of interplanetary rays. WOW.

I am putting the links together below. A heterogeneous experience available in a homogeneous kind of way. Alike and different, darkness and light…

Happy Winter Solstice.