Men are accountable too!

I was to see a promoter. He worked in one of those Skyscrapers in the city. Bands were looking for an artist, writer to promote their music. I went into the room. I looked upon a round table of men playing poker. The fat man looked up at me with his cigar dangling out out his mouth, and with a handful of cards. He looked me up and down.

“She ain’t what I’m looking for. She can go work at the brothel.”

“Everything is about youth?” I yelled.

I left out the fire escape. I climbed down and came to the base parking lot with a white metal fence. I hung my feet over the cement holding on to the fence and investigated the parking lot. There I saw a dark naked lady on a gurney. Cut open with a babe on her belly.

I put my hand to my head,

“Why did I have to see this?”

Then I awoke from the dream.

One frigid day I read Socrates. He wrote about how men are completely responsible for the creation of life. Everything in the creative act was by the male. The female just a container. I found the news crazy and funny at the same time. So much has changed. There is now sperm, eggs, science, and whole lot of sex involved.

Yet I think we should take it back to the mindset of good old lover of young boys Socrates. He may have a point. I think the abortion issue should be more about men and their part in the creation process. Men are the reason women get abortions. Men are accountable. They deserve the wrath, shame and the large momentary fees because of the accusation created by a new breed of idiot vigilantism.

Why isn’t this included in the abortion bans?