Reviewing records For Flipside Fanzine

Punk Rock Historian and Professional Consultant

Hudley Flipside

The Ness of Mike

The last day of November “Amber Moments” when Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine could have constructed a vinyl house built of records in Whittier California.

Reviewing records started out simple. Just turning on the funky tape recorder and staff at flipside would just talk. As Larry Lash states in the rather new Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine the Narrative Documentary / Film, Epeisodion ONE.

The reviews recorded were then transcribed and into the issue of Flipside Fanzine they went. No editing. Published galore.

Well, that was the beginning of the record reviews. Each record sent to the Flipside PO Box was to Whittier California. Many bands were all seeking a review. Seeking a promotional push for their world of fanatical punk rock fans. I called the new records fresh from the vinyl bakery. Yet some did come later a little bit stale.

I even reviewed a few records I purchased from Lovell’s Record Store uptown Whittier or from Zed Records in Long Beach.

My personal favorites like the Ramones or Charged GBH. Yet records collected around us pretty nicely. All free. The cats loved to claw them just fine thank you. Oh, the tears of many a collector. As time went on and as the Flipside crew grew and changed, we did things differently. After my fingers almost fell off from typing.

I have callused fingers due to this and should have become a guitar or bass player in a band where I could be playing all these gigantor festivals and traveling the world. But we ended up giving our new shit workers a nice stack of records to review. Some of them even helped with the typing. I thank you from the depth of my fanatical punk rock ole’ heart.

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