Heavy Receptivity Octopus Rock

Punk Rock Colleague & Historian and Professional Consultant

Hudley Flipside

Revealing Art form The netherworld… captured by Hudley.

“What is underway is a Plutonian process of change at a cellular level. Kali, the Great Dark Mother, demands that here and now we have the strength to be with what is. To learn radical receptivity to darkness.

Pluto brings to the surface ideas and attitudes that are past their expiration date in order for them to be let go- that is the matrix of transformation and regeneration.”



“The subterranean is a bottomless pit
The vinyl vultures are after it
Moulten lava, sulphur vapours
Smoulder on to obligerate us.”

“You’ve got me pretty deep, baby
Can’t figure out your watery love
I gotta solve your mystery
Sitting it out in heaven above”


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