Her Bidding…

Adelaide's Flower Watercolor by Hudley
Mom’s rose by Hudley

Walking through the fear of standing tall is how karma kicked me in the butt. Now I can do it. She did not want me to stop writing, or painting or being strong!

A few years ago, before my parents passed, we tried to get them to use cell phones and computers. The best we could do is for mom. She snuck upstairs where the computer was hidden from Dad, he did not like computers, and she played poker on the computer, and the game Hearts too. She had to adjust her time so as not to interfere with her attention given to Dad. He was demanding of her time that way.

Maybe she found this fun freedom when Dad was watching Golf on TV or some other annoying sport. Maybe it is because he went to the store to get some groceries? You bet Mom had her earphones on listening to the radio. Listening to her Dodgers when the season and clandestine entertainment permitted.

Now I am talking about dreams again. Sometimes it is not all Jungian archetypical stuff!! Mom walks her drama in my dreams; pointing to things I must deal with. I will do my best to understand her. Yet as we have both learned, foresight does not help… it only prepares us for the future; we cannot effect a change.

Now that I have done your bidding maybe a bright flower in my path through synchronicity …would be nice about now.

Just hanging around the fire with Coyote, Bear, Buffalo, and Eagle…

Is the smoke appeasing you? I hope so. I am still grieving.

… onto the game of Hearts.