Weird Juxtapose

A weird juxtapose in my mind’s eye. Once surrounded by open fields now surrounded by endless cars and it has returned to a field. Soon, most likely, to be filled with ugly aprtments and awful public transportation.

I liked Rocketdyne better in the 1950s.

The Reader View of Wikipedia

Viewing an image of Rocketdyne today at a Car Repair Shop in Canoga Park I was amazed by the structure.

The view was showing the perspective where the viewer can see the Verdugo Mountain range in the background. At the time of the picture, 1950s, Rocketdyne is surrounded by farmlands and wild fields. Canoga Ave, Owensmouth and Victory Blvd. small two-lane streets.

Vanowen street parallels the buildings as a rough asphalt two lane highway. Rocketdyne looks like a large computer chip including a large parking lot filled with cars.

Ironically and sadly today the same once futuristic rocket business is now an empty field where wildflowers and weeds are growing.

The only things remaining from the 1950s are a few old pepper and eucalyptus trees. It is now hopelessly surrounded by cars, apartments, and more ugly apartments.