Talent… matter, help and avail are my skills baby !!


I looked up the word skill. Just to get a full perspective on what the word means. I found some good quotes suck as, the ability coming from one’s knowledge, practice, and aptitude. I also found that a craft, trade, or job requiring manual dexterity of special training describes what having a workable skill is all about. This sums it up except for the void of a skill which is defined as being totally obsolete of understanding, discernment, reason, or cause. In some desperation I finally found three words that inspired me about the word skill which are matter, help or avail.

oneThe word matter is not the scientific term but to be of importance:

“Love is most nearly itself / When here and now cease to matter” (T.S. Eliot).

This is a skill I need to have, to know that I do matter here and now and in a work environment. This is where workable and academic skills can shine together. I don’t feel comfortable about this now, which is why I most defiantly need to work on this skill.

thCAJBVPMVHelp is an action word, to help someone, something, a cause and to replace the obsolete of understanding, discernment, reason, or cause; with complete understanding, clear discernment and honest reasoning. These are positive skills that I need to develop most assuredly. I want to apply this in a career, my craft or my need to develop more self-sufficiency.

thTo avail means to be of use and to have value. I think this is a skill I need to develop as well. To apply this in life one becomes part of the cause and to know that whatever you do has value and meaning.


In conclusion I guess we all know our own skill levels. We can put a resume’ together and give this to an employer. We can go to school and acquire more knowledge and training to advance our positions. Yet, the qualities I want to develop for myself and the ones I would look for in an employee are more valuable.  These skills may not show up on a job training score, aptitude test or PhD! Matter, help and avail are good character skills. Ones I need to develop and ones the world needs to see more of.

There is no substitute for talent. Industry and all its virtues are of no avail.

Aldous Huxley

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