A Flopside Editorial

Jester watercolr by Hudley

The memos the men wrote made clear that they were aware children had been raped and otherwise assaulted and were attempting to keep authorities in the dark. They discussed giving the abusive priests out-of-state assignments and keeping them from seeing therapists who might have altered law enforcement. – Los Angeles times: Charges unlikely for Mahony by Harriet Ryan… Wednesday January 23 1013

Mahony should admit his guilt and step down. All the parents of the Catholic Church should give up their faith and step down because a terrible crime was committed, again and again and again. He did not protect the innocent nor did he give help for those in need. The Catholic Church is based on a mythology that is as false as its actions. I am going to start a new ritual. I call it the HOLY SPIT and each time I see a Catholic Church I will do you know what? I invite you to join me.