The Third Way

“…it further asks the student to understand the state “where sleep has not yet come, but wakefulness has vanished.” The Mind of man cannot understand the state of being neither asleep nor wakeful. This is not a condition of being half-asleep and half-awake. It is a state where there is neither sleep nor wakefulness. Obviously this state speaks of an interval; an interval between two breaths. an interval between two thoughts or between two experiences….the only perception of the Interval comes on to the Third Eye, and it is only in the Interval that the Third way  can be found. In the Voice of the Silence, H.P. Blavatsky speaks of “….the right perception of existing things, the knowledge of the non-existence.” “ ~ The Science of Meditation by Rohit Mehta

Two Holy Men in Whittier by Hudley

The one on the left-handed the one on the right a cigarette. It seemed strange that they were smoking and had no shoes or socks on their feet.

It was in Whittier California CA that the two Holy men appeared. They were out-of-place. Traffic raced by as the environment yelled loudly at them. They seemed untouched and unmoved. They were witnesses to something only they knew. We observed them from our car across the street near the super market. Resting from their long ongoing  journey on foot, they sat on a small grass section near a building.

After shopping something compelled me to buy them some oranges. Walking across the street towards them it felt like repelling currents. As when one puts two positive or negative poles of a battery together; they repel each other. After putting the oranges down in front of them, they seemed to take me in as part of a vast view. I was not an individual person to them but part of an inclusive image they were viewing.

Their feet were dirty and fingers stained from tobacco.  Their cigarette was hand rolled. The air around them seemed fresh and fragrant mixed with cigarette smoke.

30 years ago I saw these men. Why their memory came to me today I haven’t a clue?  Maybe they are an example of the third way; those perceiving and experiencing by means of an interval that happens when viewing with the Third Eye?

“I’d been getting bored with the stereotyped changes (harmonies) that were being used all the time. … I found that by using the higher intervals of a chord as a melody line and backing them with appropriately related changes I could play the thing I’d been hearing. I came alive.”
— Charlie Parker on his personal stylistic breakthrough, quoted in: Nat Hentoff and Nat Shapiro, ed., Hear Me Talkin’ to Ya (1955)


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