Alfred E. Neuma

The last couple of days and nights have been a challenge. Now that Neptune is shooting it straight, stumbling upon an old magazine friend seems àpropos I suppose.

A Special Collector’s MAD PICS, Our Greatest Spoofs Of All Time!

I eyeballed it many times before I tossed it on the groceries. Laughing to myself I felt a delicious moment take me over. From my gloom I fell into an ol’ addiction and the jolts of humor vibrating from my belly. I was a naughty little girl again. From “the usual gang of idiots” a selection of features from Mad Magazine over the years is presented in this special edition. One of my favorites is included.

Who Knows What Evils Lurk In The Hearts Of Men? The Shadow Knows…Dave Clark’s pick.

What really got me dancing around the room like an idiot was the mistake I found in a sentence. Can you imagine?

A “big Wig” Time Home entertainment Magazine with a mistake under a well-loved Mad Magazine cartoon, shit dogs!!!!

It was the bliss of all blisses to me.

Buy it, steal it from a friend or read it at the local Smart and Final store. It is on page 17. The creator of The Shadow Knows, Sergio Aragones, writes a little essay of his pick for this magazine too. His selection is A Mad Look At Other Uses for Live Lobsters. Yes under this cartoon is the bad grammar. One can go to the first inside cover page and explore the vast editors and publishing idiots. I was smiling like everyone’s fool. Yes it was a good time to be had. A mocking mockery to all the anal editors, professors and middle school teachers that think perfection is really a solution to anything worth a damn. I mock myself too for caring too much about what they think!!

His “Lobster” article is one of my favorites and I smile ever time I have a steamed one on a plate in front me, relieved that it is in no condition to cause the kind of damage a Porges creature is capable of.

~Sergio Aragones

Yup the word you are looking for is….. OF.

hahahah..now on to Simone de Beauvoir…

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