Pollinate my purple anarchy flowers !

Towards late summer, the queen will start to produce drones and young queens.  The young queens are fertilized by the drones, then fly off to hibernate.  Hibernation usually takes place in dry protected areas such as loose bark.  The colony’s remaining drones and workers stay in the colony and die during the winter season.  The young queens start new colonies in the spring of the year.  As mentioned above, bumble bees do not use the same nest though they may nest in an area close by to the original bee nest.


I find it interesting that our military scientific community  calls robotic spying war machines “drones.” Especially in reference to Queen Bumble Bees. The different of course being that the drone of a Bumble Bee bee nest is the means of new Queen Bumble Bees and the robotic spying war machine is the most diabolical, sinister and sick thing humanity has ever created.

How many years have i looked out my computer window and watched the Bumble Bee pollinate my purple anarchy flowers?  Many indeed. She is a master and true creator, artist and sustainer of life. Of course not using pesticides, weed killers or the chemicals that are a fucking awful mockery of life;  let this glorious spring Queen have her way in my garden. Her bee nest is safe here with me for now!!!

I bow to you… sweet and glorious Bumble Bee!

To the Bumble Bee Drones…