I am pissed so all I can say is “Asparagus pee smells the worst!!”


I am amazed how traffic survives without total annihilation.

People can be such sweet assholes in their cars. Like today for instance. Today all the cars pulled to the side and stopped as the ambulance and a fire truck passed by. I could hear the violins playing and imagined the moist tears in people’s eyes. A few blocks later some lady in a red sports car pulled the front end out almost into traffic. The front end of the car was on a side street while the rest of us were going too fast.

I pulled around her car as she turned with me. Then as she raced around me. I saw that she had a kid under 12 years old in the front seat. It is illegal to do that lady but also if your air bag goes off because of your lousy driving, well I do not want to think what will happen to your adorable kid.

He deserves better than that. Don’t you think? Yes I honked at her as she was turning into my car. I saved her kid’s life and she give me the finger. Like I said, on the road in the valley, one can find the sweet asshole experience every day!!

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