I am a driving wanker.

Someone who claims to be of higher intelligence than others, understands the finer thing in life, and generally deems themself a higher being than most others; they often refer to the ‘lesser beings’ as peasant or philistines. In simple terms, snobs are wankers.
Dick Powell has a nice turned up nose!

I saw a film Noir the other night. It was with Dick Powell. He was real mad. He picked a guy up and slapped his face, back and forth & back and forth. Then he put him down. The scene was perfect!!

“Ya know what I mean?”

When it comes to people driving their vehicles I would apply this perfection !! I would take it further. My madness after seeing bad driving and those that lack common car intelligence and after pulling the fool our of their car, picking them up, slapping them back and forth & back and forth; I would then take their car keys and toss the fucking keys. Somewhere where no one could find them. With my nose in the air!!

Enduring the riptide of unaware and inconsiderate assholes in their cars is my ambition for correctness.  I bitch about it all the time on my blog too. I am considering taking a job as a Parking Enforcer. Using the law and my genius would make my manifesto complete. No more yelling and using my finger. My black sharpie pen in the air writing tickets is my call to greatness!!

I know the game and I am one of the best drivers !! Ever !!


2 thoughts on “I am a driving wanker.

  1. Please come and work in Deerfield as Cheif Parking and Driving Enforcer. You are needed. I live on a tiny narrow street and they are building a new McMansion across the street. Yesterday morning there were 3 construction vehicles and one Village truck parked in front. Along comes the big yellow school bus which dross in front of our house to pick up my special needs daughter. Normal morning until self important resident of nearby really wealthy community decides to use our little street as shortcut. But her progress was impeded while the bus waited for Clara to board. The woman actually got out of her BMW and started yelling at my daughter and the bus driver. Fortunately the Village worker intervened and the police arrived swiftly. I don’t know what happened next because once Clara was safely on the bus I was on the phone to the school so someone could be there to help Clara deal with being the victim of an arrogant angry motorist. If only SuperHudley, Champion of Motorists, had been there to smite the evil motor woman!