Mount Delphi, a song and a bud.

Punk Rock Historian and Professional Consultant

Hudley Flipside


Like a new born baby it just happens ev’ry day ~ Rolling Stones

One song to the next is still a motivation in my life. Synchronizing past, present, and future dreams.

Joan asked me today,

“If I were at the Mount of Delphi what question would I ask of her, the Pythia?”

My mind went blank or black.

I heard Paint It Black by the Avengers years ago live in a club to the frequency of bouncing youths. A tight crowd of underground nobodies who were wild and unassuming.

The Avengers were fun, intense and no lines drawn between bands and fans.

The first time I saw this band play this song Spaz Attack was vibrating on the ground as I was drooling beer while watching him. My belly was about to pop.

It was all new. Kind of like black…unknown and exciting.

That is this song to me…

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