A full circle, Magazine and Fanzine Covers

Punk Rock Historian and Professional Consultant

Hudley Flipside.

1984 to 2016…and beyond…LOL


“We were mocking the mockery before these guys and the Chili Peppers (who happened to be on the back page of Flipside 43 that we were on the cover of), where do u think they got the idea?”

 ~ Eric VonArab is with Louie Garcia.

Life is a type of cosmic mockery.

The creative impulse seems unique and fresh but often is another mockery of sorts. Walking around the mall yesterday with my youngest son I see fashion has now taken that mockery place for me.

A full circle of fashion that copies my youthful generation. What we purchased at thrift stores; straight legs and big shirts and boots; or fancy dresses from my mother’s youthful generation. Sequin dresses low in the front with a jeweled brooch.

My cats and I are mightily routine orientated. My Monday morning shopping is to avoid the crowds. I am often amused by the magazines at the checkout counter.

Today my heart raced a little faster. Not due to the young men on the cover; I prefer the older and wiser, but the overall layout of the design.

I have seen that somewhere before.


Was it in the mid-1980s when I was at my prime that I orchestrated a hand full of punk musicians to pose partially naked for the cover of Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine 43? I try to put it behind me, but life is a type of cosmic mockery. Hilariously and repetitiously so…

~ Hudley Flipside