my doppelgänger did not wave good-bye !

Doppelgänger … Shadow

“Thus the connection of the animus with the shadow should be broken despite the fact that one arrives at the animus by way of the shadow. In fact you can never arrive at the animus unless you see the shadow…”

Pg. 9 The Animus Volume One. The Spirit of Inner Truth in Women. Barbara Hannab


At this time last year, we went for a drive. On our way to San Francisco California. Our mission was to see some William Blake at a book library. They also had some Blake facsimiles for sale. Which I found irresistible. We took a roundabout way to get there. We ended up on the mighty Monmouth Mountain staying in a nice off-season hotel.

It was large and even had a kitchen. We went out later to have some sushi and a beer. Walking home at high altitude made me feel strange. The hotel had a fire outside in the courtyard. We sat and moved around the large fire. It felt wildly bizarre.

Then we entered the room and went to bed. I cannot sleep long on my sides especially with a full belly. I have arthritis. There was a big couch near the fireplace in the hotel room.

I watched the fire and fell into a deep sleep.

I awoke to see myself looking at myself. My doppelgänger looked just like me but was fully dressed in the long dress coat I was wearing the night before.

Sitting down on the table before me, my doppelgänger was looking deeply into my eyes. I looked right back.

A haunting, mysterious overwhelming feeling of depth touched me that morning. A profoundly uncomfortable darkness addressed me as a presence which I do not want to meet again…. any time soon! Nor will I need to.

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