Wagon Train

Wagon Train, Oh baby, oh baby!

The Sacramento Story (s1, ep39)

At the end of a long journey, lives were lost. Some made it with their dreams intact. Flint tries to help one of the passengers and almost bites off too much. Politics are involved as well as unsolicited trips to the Far East.

Wagon Train is an American Western series that aired on the NBC television network (1957–1962) and then on ABC (1962–1965).

When watching The Sacramento Story, I was happy to see two of my favorite actresses on this episode. I have not reviewed all the episodes. As a kid I most likely was not allowed at the time. I was in bed.

I am enjoying them now. Great acting, in depth stories imbued with real history. I love them.

The two actresses on this episode are Linda Darnell and Marjorie Main.

Linda Darnell was at the peak of her career in A Letter to Three Wives and greatest of them Film Noir Fallen Angel. In this episode she was giving off the fire and shining like a star. What a pleasure. A real treat.

Marjorie Main was of course the Ma of Ma and Pa Kettle, but I loved her in the original 1939 film The Women. She is down to earth beautiful and sings one of my favorite drinking songs. In this episode she is sassy as ever. Telling the young man, he is too young and the old man he is too old. Yet goes up the stares with the man she just married. He is just right.

“If the ocean was whiskey, and I was a duck, I’d dive to the bottom, and never come up. Oh baby, oh baby, I’ve told you before, the more I drink whiskey, I love you the more! Oh baby, oh ba…”

Darn it was a double fudge Sunday for me. Even my Doppelganger was happy cause later that evening it was mentioned in Perry Mason.

Perry Mason

The Case Of The Two-faced Turnabout (s6, ep18)

When a Balkan dictator with ties to an American businessman dies, the race is on to destroy papers belonging to him that may implicate the businessman in corruption.

To sum this up … METV is my favorite channel these days. I watch it on and off through the week, but Wagon Train and Perry Mason adds something special to a long day’s work.

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