As well as well can be for these crazy times

Mom’s Rose by Hudley

The risks we take , it is not the time.

What is nice in my neighborhood today. Low key, safe, neighbors are running and walking. No crowds or large parties…. no protests. I can feel safe here. I hope you have a safe home too.  The bees are here, the butterflies are moving through, and the wind is warm. The dogs bark and the raven sings. 

My John is home sleeping on the couch. He is not at the hospital taking care of too many sick people today… makes me sad. Yet, my cats are playing and sleeping, and I am safe.

I used to go see bands, promote them, and do anything to be with them. Not now… I will not risk spreading covid19 or getting sick for them. I hope they are all well… as well as well can be for these crazy times.

A very contrary good frustrating place to be… yet I hang in my cave , I am dew on a rose…