TRANSFERENCE works on Paper by Michael M.P. Griffin at ArtHYPE Gallery.

North Hollywood is a long drive from the San Fernando Valley. Well, now due to traffic as it has become overcrowded. Our politicians don’t seem to regulate building through droughts. The ratio of people, their cars and traffic are not part of any sensible equation either. So, more and more apartments, and more and more people, and traffic.

The endless crazy nightmare known as Los Angeles.

Human Flesh on Planet Earth Acrylic, oil on canvas. 39 x 34 x 2… (sample of painting)

Yet, regardless of this, I was excited to experience the exuberance of Michael M.P. Griffin’s art. I know him as the Cosmic Cowboy and his dog Atlas. We share in the punk rock narrative.

Watercolor, wax, acrylic, oil, varnish on acid free paper enhance Michael’s style. I engaged his art and was happy talking to him.

Karen and Johnathon presented TRANSFERENCE works on Paper by Michael M.P. Griffin at their gallery ArtHYPE which enfolds a nice space to mingle and look at art. Parking was a little difficult, but we just parked near the Iliad Bookshop and walked down to the Studios. A great private art walk.

I hear we get rain on Monday.

Agent Provocateur, Acrylic, oil on canvas. 59 x 82 x 1.5 in, 2018 (sample from painting)

artHYPE 5355 Cartwright Ave Suite 116 North Hollywood, Ca 91601

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