Just A pixel in the process of this film, Thanksgiving film.

Some wild things can’t be tamed. Technology can run everything. Water the ranch, exercise the horses in a roundabout electrical mill.

Open and close corrals and even power motorcycles.

Though plastics are bad for the environment, large plastic blown up balloons, while being devoured, can explode, and destroy monsters from the inside out before transforming into nasty beautiful wild alien ships.

Took me awhile to see NOPE Waited to see it at home. Now that theaters are not spacing for a slow to die pandemic, I just don’t feel ready to see a film in a theater. Yet… for a few bucks we saw it On Demand. 

I really enjoyed the film. Overall good stuff, deep and culturally clever with good humor on the dark side. Here are some points that touched base for me in this film.

Seeing the old Fry’s Electronics Building with the crashed UFO theme was great. A Fry’s electronics specialist, Angel Torres, is a character and part of this film’s narrative. He gets pulled into the wild adventure mixing technology with old-fashioned filming.

We went there often when we lived in Van Nuys. (I thought it was Van Nuys… very close the Burbank) Yet locally I also enjoyed our local Alice in Wonderland theme, the science-fiction movies still is my favorite. (RIP)

“Various Fry’s locations were decorated in elaborate themes. For example, the Burbank store, which opened in 1995, carried a theme of 1950s and 1970s science-fiction movies, and featured huge statues of popular characters such as the robot Gort from The Day the Earth Stood Still and Darth Vader from the Star Wars movie series. In addition, giant ants (from the movie Them!) hung from the ceiling, and the bodies of 1957 Chevys and Buicks served as dining tables in the cafe. A flying saucer protruded above the entrance.”    

~Fry’s Electronics From Wikipedia

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

The environment where this film takes place is on a horse ranch in Agua Dulce, California.

An impressive open area to visit. We have taken drives up there often. Finding roads leading to highways along the coastal regions. Long lonely, amazing drives and finding California State Route 14. And my favorite is the high-flying open range of Hudson Ranch Road. 

NOPE starts leisurely as a Sam Peckinpah film, starting out slowly and discovering a great crescendo at the end. 

Jordan Peele seems to be on a wave I like, from doppelgängers to UFOs, horses, and a cameo from one of my favorite creature of the cosmos The Praying Mantis. “Who causes considerable” trouble in this film.

Can’t wait to see his next film,

but will I vibe with his next film? 

My Antenna is always up … dig? 

A clip from the Film …

what a thrill.

A turn on for the Mantises,

I’m sure. 

Good for something, thank you!!

Short clip from the Film NOPE

Song “Would It Kill You” ~ Mini – Vandals

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