Vinyl Fanzine Three

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Intervention COC

American dollars and weapons gleam
Support another corrupt regime
Human rights long out of style
Another killing another farce-trial
All the millions spent in aid
Spent on the war parade
Technological march of death
Finalize a child’s last breath
War-monger leaders in search of glory
Make their blood mark on history
As the children die of malnutrition
Another child killed by
Some political position Intervention

A nice line up of bands…. really awesome… Thanks… and all my punk love and beyond.

1987 was a rough time for me punk wise. I had a few miscarriages, and we did not have any medical coverage at the time. We were not young anymore and hitting close to turning 30. Some of our staff had it easy still living at home with their folks while Al and I struggled to keep each issue, video and record moving down the production-project-line.

As I have said many times before there were a lot of hands in the Flipside cookie jar and bands were an ‘overwhelming wipe-out.’ Always under a wave of needs.

Our neighbors we lived next to in the same courtyard were turning into monsters. Yet we moved on… even after the 1987 Whittier Earthquake hit hard. Our office had a pile of records, images, books, computer stuff as tall as the ceiling. It took forever to clean up.

Our neighbors on either side lived outside for a few months which made the neighborhood scary.

The Flipside machine kept up the work regardless of earthquakes, miscarriages, or any other drama.

I was getting tired of the violent art that most punk bands were putting out in their work. It got very uncreative and redundant. Yet, I know many talented people were all doing their best. Considerably more talented than I but then again they did not own this Fanzine.

I came up with two of my first “Flopside Cartoon Characters” then. Doomis Day and Roonski Cat. I used them a lot as little doodles in our Fanzine.

So being that staff person Joy was pushing her talent all over the place I took a stand and put my goofy art on the cover of this Vinyl Fanzine. I was having fun and trying to move away from the usual cover images I was enduring.

Doomis Day was of course a rendering of Doris Day. Roonski cat came with a loud giant ghetto blaster. These two characters were off- beat and annoying.

Doodles at their best. A little bit of “those who caused considerable trouble” still echoing through Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine and beyond!

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