Mr. Marley

“Marley was dead, to begin with … This must be distinctly understood, or nothing wonderful can come of the story I am going to relate.”

― Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

The Gift…Mr. Po Po crawls into used gift paper..

Mr. Marley comes to visit this time of the year; late at night and the early hours upon waking. Bringing whispering resentments caused by others, betrayals and assholes that I must endure. It is so unequivocally that he comes, but that is not the whole picture. Then also comes the mocking of those rude and inexcusable things I have done to others. This full-wolf-moon of December has the ability to illuminate within us; as a flashlight within our souls.

At times like these the only thing to do is to let go and focus upon the little things of value. Quality moments with people, places and things that help illuminate the joy found at this time of the year as well.

And what is relevant now this time of year is my Christmas bracelet which was given to me by a friend over six years ago. It is delightful and fun to wear. It was during a show at Mr. T’s Bowl of Highland Park during a dance contest. The band The Thingz were playing “Do The Crab.”  There were many on the dance floor. It was around an hour later that I noticed that I had the bracelet upon my wrist and thought,

“Where did this come from?”

Jewelry box and Christmas braclet
Jewelry box and Christmas bracelet

I did not win the contest but husband and she, a friend, did. Later I found out that she slipped the Christmas bracelet upon my wrist unawares to the delight and the joy it has brought me since. I keep the bracelet in a new jewelry box. This box was created by another special friend. The box houses the bracelet that smells of my favorite sweet bouquet perfume.

The simple elegant task of opening the box and taking out the bracelet is a quality of simplest but profound joys.

Not to forget to mention The Thingz T-shirt from that evening that I most likely will wear on the up-coming Bill Bartell Tribute at the Ecoplex! The t-shirt is another ample joy that hangs in my closet!  It was given to husband but I took it. It reminds me of a time, a few years back, before the now bright-glowing nostalgia of THE BIG PUNK ROCK, yet I have slowly come to realize in my reflective moments of “doom” that,

Sometimes you got to look past the glory blaring lights of nostalgia and seek the friendship and “good buds” within!

Son's dilated eye after eye doc visit..
Son’s dilated eye after eye doc visit..

I admit to not liking The Echoplex. much. The last time we were there husband had some problems. It was a strange time and he had a theme quote that was as firm as a BEOWULF statement,


Having one son at babysitting age we would ascend into the night of music, drinking and dance of no end in sight.  On one such night husband got into a fight with one of the nasty bouncers at the Echoplex and we left early. The parking always sucks there too.

Times have chilled since years ago and now I am real sorry that I told Mike Patton, from the band Middle Class, recently that I do not like The Echoplex! If I see him tomorrow night I will tell him I am sorry and was being foolish; of course repeating this importance in my head,

“seek the friendship and “good buds” within!”

With this BIG PUNK ROCK nostalgia comes yearning of years ago. At the time of the early punk scene I was reading Madame Blavatsky. She too has come forth now as something relevant in this entire Christmas story. She is affirming her friendship in my life again and the synchronicities are flowing through as streams of electricity and knowing. I am currently reading Madame BlavatskyThe Mother of Modern Spirituality a biography by Gary Lachman which I received as a gift last Xmas.

It is called retrospection, recapitulation and renewal folks. The experiences can be small as a miniature whirlwind similar as seen when leaves fly around through the air, or as big and all-consuming as a wind storm including decades of thoughts and memories… all thanks to Mr. Marley !!

“Do not be afraid of your difficulties. Do not wish you could be in other circumstances than you are. For when you have made the best of an adversity, it becomes the stepping stone to a splendid opportunity.”