Mummification Note…

imagesOn the way home from picking my kid up from school we talked about Ancient Egyptians. He is learning about different aspects of their culture. He is studying mummification. He explained to me in detail how organs, such as the brain, were pulled out of a dead person’s nose. All organs were taken out or the body before starting the process of mummification. He said the heart was not removed because they believed that the heart was the most important organ. It did the thinking. What a wonderful thing for my son to realize. Egyptians understood life with the heart not so much the brain, defiantly a lost art in our culture. They loved cats… even the mummies I hear!!


SPell 186 from the Egyptian Book of the Dead

Hathor; Lady of the West; She of the West; Lady of the Sacred Land;

Eye of Re with which on his forehead; kindly of countenance in the Bark of Millions of Years;

a resting-place for him who has done right within the boat of the blessed;

who built the Great Bark for Osiris in order to cross the water of truth.