Post a Joke

Light Bulby Baby

The portable tape recorder was the thing to have at 12 years old. We would record stories, laughing and of course Dial A Joke. I think it cost our folks about 10 cents a phone call back in the early 70s. The jokes were always stupid, funny and a little nasty. This is Post a Joke via Flopside comics.

Mr. Fuck felt it was important to bring back the nasty humor.

Mr. Shit did not think the joke was funny at all.

Mr. Crap got a big smile on his face.

The rest of the Flopside Comics family were too busy watching Clint Eastwood films to care much…


Tape recorder #1 shit worker at Flipside Fanzine

Shit worker, staph or staff… what the fuck?

Al Flipside was so stern about not having our, staph mugs, in any issue of Flipside fanzine. He was a fanatic about it. So, it is a challenge for me to do this cover including myself-mug in the world of punk rock. Yet my real focus is what I am holding. #1 staff… a tape recorder. First of the handheld devices.

tape recorder

Photograph by Al Flipside

This is one of my favorite pictures taken by Al Flipside. Why it is so interesting to me, because I am holding the tape recorder that was responsible for recording all the interviews we did at Flipside, at least when I was there. Also, I am wearing my PIL pants.

I loved those pants… DIY silk screening days… and then there is Wimpy’s face… brings chills to my spine! I reprinted this special Flipside issue because it is a history of Punk Voices.

An oral history, with pictures too.

Now available again in a sweet paperback book. 1977 to 1987.

(On Cover Subhumans and Samoans: Greg Turner, Metal Mike, Wimpy, Hud, Garry and Jim.)

The new cover of Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine # 54 Ten Year Anniversary Issue Paperback (replica) 2019.

Click to purchase this paperback edition 2019 …