The Snake is the wild

Topanga Canyon California

My kids like the Smashing Pumpkins… I used to throw pumpkins at that band… yet it is a strange truth to this story… that does describe that early time… 1979… to the young nobody punks that no one fucking cared about… !! Remember you all?

Five Generations of the snake

That leads to the sea.

Today I took that snake

Five Generations of the snake

That leads to the sea.

Today we took that snake

To the sea.

The smell of the salt

To grandmother’s house.

The Hippies, incense, and candles

As they hitchhiked to their utopia.

Near Mulholland

The lonelier days of hitching rides

High as a kite on the road

The old VW bug.

Where I nearly died after

Coming home from the snake

Body separating from it’s chassis

On Dumetz and Canoga.

“Hey ho” with the Red Hot Chili Peppers

As we drive the

Labyrinth towards the Pacific Coast Highway

Side streets viewing the vast Pacific Ocean

Listening to 1979 form the 1990’s

On the CD.

But now making

Memories with my son

“Cause we like to party”

On the long snake.

Garage sales and antiques

And our first sporting view of

The wild purple lupines of spring.

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