Around the fire of electirity


Reading, watching and listening are all good and fine. I’ve done a lot of these things in my time. Writing is something different altogether.  It is a focused act or process of sharing. I use to be afraid to write. Going back to my school days I noticed it was always the smart kids that did the writing. I could barely write a sentence without feeling a deep sense of stupidity and peer pressure. In high school I think I wrote one essay and it seemed as foreign to me as learning another language. Then in time I became hip to the game by writing simple things such as live band reviews, and record reviews for a music fanzine.  This little bit of writing opened a door for me; it gave me a voice that I did not know I had. Writing, editing and rewriting became an art form that I love. I am still making up for a weak elementary educational foundation: which has improved and can’t be that bad since I put myself through a BA and Master’s program; which is all about writing.

Now I am addicted to writing. I continue to learn about it too. I would say right now I find writing is more important to me than reading blogs. As a crone this is a natural part of my DNA… to share my stories!! I am hanging out around the fire with the old hags sharing my fairy tales or folksy wisdom; which is the accumulation of knowledge and experience. The fire is now  a computer and my stories are shared via a WordPress blog.

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